Welcome to Dignity RC, a forum for positive connection,  sharing, creating, and community building.

Runners go deeper, run further, and train for life together; our mission is to cultivate this attitude further, using  the internet and beyond.  Our missions go beyond politics, religion, race, or even sport (hello, non-runners!): Domestic Affairs, Inequality, Geriatric care, Natural Resources, International aid, Technology/Medicine, Youth Issues.

How this works:

Each mission has its own “path” on our site, each one  as important and complex as the paths we encounter out on a run.  You can find links to various charities, gofundme pages, and races that benefit the associated path.  You can use these resources to help find inspiration for your next race, connect with a cause that is important to you, or support local athletes running in the name of something bigger.

But, this site cannot function without YOU!

Write-Share-Connect-Grow.  Our site thrives off of positive content and connection building; find an issue that resonates with you and write!  Maybe you were out on a run and thought about how your local animal shelter needs help.  Maybe you have little ways you save energy/water after those long, cold runs where all you want to do is live in your steam shower!  Maybe you have a story about a charity that positively impacted your life.  Maybe you raise money for them now!

Write it down.

Share it here.

Connect with others’ stories.

Grow together.

Dignity RC: We go deeper, run further, and train for life together.