Finding Running Inspiration

-Cara Benson

Do you ever struggle on your running journey? Some days, just lacing up and getting out the door can be a challenge. Cold, rainy days and fatigue can tax my motivation. When that happens, I turn to what inspires me. These four motivators can get me to the pavement no matter what.

1. My Physical Health

Getting in better shape is one of the top reasons people start running. Running burns calories like crazy and improves your heart health. It’s a great leg and core workout that doesn’t require a gym membership. Reminding myself of all the health benefits that running provides is a great way to get out the door.

2. My Mental Health

Did you know that running is viewed as a form of meditation? That’s great news for people who don’t like to sit still. The mental break that running provides leads to lots of great benefits. It can relieve stress, help with problem-solving, and even help fight depression and anxiety. Keep in mind the euphoric feeling you get once you complete a run, too. You can only achieve it if you push yourself!

3. A Great Charity

When I’m “too tired” to run, I think about those who can’t. Signing up for a race that benefits others reminds me of how small my problems are in comparison. So many organizations use races to fundraise for worthy causes. Participating in these races is such a simple, fun way to do my part in giving back. Bonus: giving back feels as good as running!

4. PR Goals

I can’t run my fastest mile or farthest distance if I’m sitting on the couch. Setting a goal to keep in mind gives me purpose. From not wanting to break a run streak to qualifying for the Boston Marathon, my goals get me out the door on the hardest days.


What’s your best advice for someone struggling to hit the pavement? What motivates you to run?


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