A Girl Stuck In Her Mind

By: Jackie Schane

At times, stress can get to the best of us. That’s why we run. At times, we have a hard day; we are sad and frustrated, feeling lonely and tired. That’s why we run. Our strengths are sometimes hidden by our weakness. When we feel weak, we feel as if our strength has been pushed down to its lowest ability and we fight to get it back. When we run, we feel all of our strength that was hidden rush through our veins. Rush through the muscles in our legs. Playing the perfect song that gives you the chills when you’re running and trying to relieve your stress all seems like a dream in the moment.

“However, we can occasionally lose sight of why we run. Sometimes the stress put on our minds is too much for a run to clear it and, that’s when we feel weak and broken down.”

Never in a million years did I think my parents would get a divorce or did I ever think that my golden heart could be broken for months. This was when I needed strength the most. Stress got the best of me and, it didn’t help that I was also stressed searching for my self-confidence. Occasionally turning to God, then occasionally I turned to running but around December, I wanted nothing to do with it. I was weak mentally.

When I run, I feel that I can accomplish anything. I feel so relaxed just letting it all go in the distance I’m traveling. This is why we run. To feel that adrenaline and Runner’s High that we all get when we just go out and let our love for the sport move our legs. Clearing your mind and letting your muscles move in sync to that perfect song. However, we can occasionally lose sight of why we run. Sometimes the stress put on our minds is too much for a run to clear it and, that’s when we feel weak and broken down. I had never felt that way before, especially on race day. No matter how many times I considered dropping out I remembered where that would leave me. Weak, frustrated, upset and over all completely embarrassed and lost.


…me at my weakest

I finished the race at a time I was not happy with, a mind that was blown to pieces, but my physical stature was in its top shape. You can understand this. You can be your own worst enemy in any situation. What you learn from this though, is that Personal Records can’t happen every race day.

Not every day are you feeling good about what is going to come your way. The best thing you can do is be positive. Be good sports to anyone you encounter who has made you feel weak because they are teaching you something about yourself that you could not get to on your own. Take this literal uneasy race and uneasy situation and use it to be more engaged, prepared, and determined for YOU. Oh, don’t forget to treat yourself, of course. Even though I had a bad race, a first break up, or a family slowly coming undone, I deserved it. I was treating myself for not giving up during the toughest mental game that any runner is eventually going to encounter.

I never gave up trying to find my self confidence again no matter how long it took. I did things for ME after that race and that is all that matters. I treat myself after every race and after every stressful day because whatever my body went through that day deserves to relax by doing a little shopping or eating lots of chocolate.

Self strength: 1 Weakness: 0


…me at my strongest

Never give up when you lose sight of what you came to accomplish. Keep going. In the end, you will be glad to say that you never gave up, you finished business no matter how weak it felt (and that you ate a donut afterwards) automatically gives you all the strength in the world. Your supporters will be so happy to hear that you never gave up and that you gave IN to a donut. Tough out the toughest moments in a race and in life because one bad race/day will make you stronger for all the others following.

Making a comeback will inspire others and bring you back to that perfect song…  



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